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How to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Sun wearing sunglasses

It’s that time of year! The sun is out and shining! Which means you’re more likely to encounter harmful rays. While the sun offers important vitamins, such as vitamin D, it can also be  harmful.

The sun is most prominent between 11am and 2pm. It is important to try to limit your exposure to UV rays during those times. While during the summertime is the most common time to consider sun protection, you actually need to protect your eyes all year round.

A very vital asset is your eyes, so it’s important to protect them! While there are many opinions about how the sun affects your eyes, the truth of the matter is, it is harmful. The best way to protect your eyes is wear UV protection sunglasses. Not only during sunny days, but cloudy days as well. As well as sunglasses, wearing a hat canassist your sunglasses in blocking the sun from hurting your eyes. The UV rays can still affect you even when we can’t visibly see the sun.

3 Different  Types of UV Rays:

  • AV-A: These rays can hurt your central vision, which is what your eyes use when you’re looking straight ahead of you.
  • UV-B: While your cornea and lens absorb most of these rays, overexposure to these rays can result in various eye diseases.
  • UV-C: We rarely interact with these rays (if we do at all). They are absorbed by the atmosphere, however, can be found in man-made sources of radiation.

Since UV-A and UV-B rays are penetrable through windows and clouds, it is highly recommended that you protect your eyes from their effects which can include: blurred vision, cancers, and eye wrinkles.

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