Tips on Maintaining Eye Health When Playing Sports

It’s no secret that sports rely heavily on good eyesight. In order to excel in any sport, you
need to have good hand-eye coordination, good judgment of depth-of-field, and even good
peripheral vision. If any of these are altered, it can be a huge detriment to the way a player
executes his game. 

Whenever you are on a sports team or you are preparing to get involved in sports, it’s
essential that you are taking good care of your eyes all throughout the sports season, from
beginning to end. Take a look at these helpful eye health tips to avoid any vision problems that
can get in the way of you playing your game in the best way.

Make Sure You are Getting a Good Amount of Sleep

Sleep deprivation can not only affect your eyesight but affect acuteness and alertness
during your games. Common side effects of lack of sleep are eye spasms, dry eyes, itchy eyes,
blurred vision, and even eye infections. Getting at least five hours of sleep at night is crucial in
order for your eyes to properly replenish and be ready for the next day. If you miss out on those
five hours of sleep, you could be taking away the most natural form of eye protection you have
to rely on in your sport.

Wear the Right Eye Protection for Your Sport

You don’t have to wear the same glasses you use to read in the classroom on the football
field or basketball court. In fact, it is highly recommended that when you play sports, you wear
appropriate protective glasses for the sport. This helps you to avoid breaking your prescription
glasses or losing your contacts during a game. Finding a pair of performance eyewear suited for
you will greatly aid in preserving and protecting your eyesight both on and off the court or field.
At Katy Optiks, we house diverse quality brands of protective eyewear from wrap-around’s to
goggles specially made for various sports. If your sport involves you being outside a lot, it is
recommended that you get sports protective eyewear with UV protection to reduce the risk of
UV-caused eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration.

Increase Antioxidant Intake

Antioxidants are rich sources of nutrition for your eyesight. These molecules contain
properties that not only help you to maintain good eyesight but prevent eye diseases. You can
get a rich supply of antioxidants in vegetables and leafy greens as well as eggs, nuts, cereals,
sweet potatoes, and fish. Combining an antioxidant-rich diet with consistent eye protection can
help to strengthen your vision and keep your eyes at their healthiest.

Maintain Eye Health with Katy Optiks

If you want to maintain optimal eye health throughout your sports season, be sure to check
with Katy Optiks before your season starts. We house high-quality brands of protective eyewear
suitable for any sport in various designs. We’ll instill your prescription into the protective
eyewear of your choosing so come game day, you are ready to perform at your best. For more

information about our protective eyewear and maintaining good eye care for sports season,
contact us today.