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Kids Eyeglasses, Katy

At Katy Optiks, we understand that nearly everything kids do in school depends on good vision. In fact, most of their learning comes through their eyes. Maximizing their potential is our priority. Eyewear for kids and tweens should have characteristics that are unique to their optical needs. Eyeglass frames should be safe, fit well, and look great. That’s why we carry designer brands that are fashionable and high quality. We want their glasses to be just how they look at life. Too often, kids are left out of the process of choosing their glasses. So, we ask them to get involved! Pink frames, favorite color frames, favorite sports team colors frames. No matter what the style, we can offer a durable, lightweight eyewear frame option that your kid or tween will love.

Durable Eyewear for an Active Life

In addition to designer frames that look great, our eyeglasses include lenses that are impact and scratch resistant, durable and lightweight and offer protection against harmful blue light and UV. When your kids are at school, on the playground, or on the go, you can rest easy that their eyewear will be up to the challenge. Plus, our one year warranties offer protection in case any damage should occur.

Finding the Perfect Eyewear in Katy

We want every kid, tween, and parent to love the glasses they choose. That’s why our board certified optician works with every patient to help them find the perfect pair for their needs. Whether you’re looking for eyewear frames to stand up to outdoor activities or to compliment a certain face shape, our selection offers the perfect solution. If your tween is interested in using contact lenses, we also offer an array of brands to choose from, including colored lenses.

Available brands at Katy Optiks Kids include:

Eyeglasses for Katy Optiks Kids

Every visitor is important to us at Katy Optiks, no matter their age. We believe that everyone should love their eyewear or contact lenses and that’s the goal we strive toward. To learn how we can find the perfect eyewear for your child or tween, or to schedule an appointment with our optician, contact Katy Optiks today.