Katy Eyeglasses from a Board Certified Optician

At Katy Optiks, our Board Certified optician works closely with each client to find and fit the perfect designer eyeglasses. We are committed to providing total customer care. Unlike mega optical shops ascribing to the “two-for-the-price-of-one”, “in-and-out” philosophy, we prefer to focus on the highest standard of quality products and personalized attention.

That is why at Katy Optiks, we are your partners in vision care at every step. The entire process— from initial lifestyle evaluation to final frame adjustment— is handled personally by a board-certified optician in Katy who will fit you with accessory eyewear customized to enhance your sight and define your image.

Eyeglass Frames Made to Fit just Right

We consider your skin tone, face shape, prescription, and lifestyle needs when selecting the right look for your face. Once the selection is complete and the eyeglasses are sent to the lab, they are passed through numerous checkpoints for accuracy, precision, artistry, lens edge, and design before you are called in for the final fitting and adjustment.

At Katy Optiks, the experience of purchasing eyewear is just as important as the eyeglasses we sell.

Designer Eyeglasses in Katy

There is a reason we stock up on the designer eyeglass brands that we do. We contain a wide variety of designer eyewear at unbeatable pricing here at Katy Optiks but contain one rule. Our rule is that we do not sell any brand that we don’t acknowledge as one of superb quality. From acetate frames and metal frames to performance eyewear and contacts, we look through it all to determine what would best suit you and compliment your lifestyle.

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