5 Things to Look for in Your First Pair of Glasses

Shopping for your first pair of eyeglasses is a fun and memorable experience. The glasses of today are stylish and flattering, even being adopted by some brands as unprescribed fashion accessories. In the search for your perfect first pair of eyeglasses, however, it’s important to consider personal factors in order to find the perfect make for you and your lifestyle.

#1: Eyeglasses Fit for Their Purpose

There are plenty of styles available for every kind of eyeglass purpose from reading to swimming at Katy Optiks. Before considering the style of the glasses, we advise you to make sure that they are fit for their purpose. It’s important to consider the activities you will be engaging in the most with your new pair when picking out your glasses. Think you might need a second opinion? Check out our frame guide to see what glasses suit your lifestyle.

#2: Sensitivity

Some people report being more sensitive to eyeglasses with rubber nose pads compared to those with plastic nose pads. Consider how long you’ll be wearing your glasses and determine if it will be uncomfortable for you to wear either or after the average period of time you expect to be wearing them.

#3: Lens Coating

If the glare coming from your eyeglasses when it hits the light won’t bother you, or those around you, there’s no need to worry about this. If however, you’d like to avoid giving off a glare from your eyeglasses, your best bet would be the anti-glare lenses we offer here at Katy Optiks.

#4: Durability

One thing that the glasses available in the store give way to is just how durable they are. Some eyeglasses are specifically made to endure certain tasks and uses. You want to be sure that over the amount of time you will need to use your glasses, they are well-equipped to endure your day-to-day life.

#5: Style

It’s tempting to choose a style that suits the outfit you’re wearing the day you pick out your first pair of eyeglasses or even just a pair that exudes a trend you like. Trends, however, come and go. You want to ensure that the style of glasses you like suits you personally that way, no matter what is trending, your glasses always remain in style.

If these 5 factors are considered when you’re picking out your first pair of eyeglasses, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. At Katy Optiks, we house various luxury brands of eyewear perfect for every kind of purpose from seeing the board clearly in class to playing football on the field. When you’re ready to find your first pair of eyeglasses, visit us at our Katy location and consider using this post as a guide to picking out the perfect pair for you.