The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Are you tired of losing your eyeglasses, and then forced to go all day without seeing properly? Contact lenses may be the perfect solution! Whether you’ve just bought your first pair of contact lenses, or you’re simply curious about whether contacts may be the right choice for you, read on. You’ll learn four big benefits to wearing contact lenses, and the easiest way to change your ‘vision game’ for good.

Four Benefits of Contact Lenses  

Contact lenses aren’t just practical and affordable—they cover a greater range of vision and comfort than ever before. Katy Optiks offers a variety of  contact lenses which will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Greater depth perception. When you use contact lenses,  you won’t have to worry about the magnification difference that often comes with traditional eyeglasses. Contact lenses also have the added benefit of greater stable vision.


  • You’ll deal with fewer reflections. Eyeglasses often present a common problem: reflection! Contact lenses will reduce reflections, and improve overall stable sight. The right pair of contact lenses will also follow your eye, equaling to a clear vision that’s always on point (our contact lense specialists will ensure you find the right pair for you!)


  • A comfortable (and disposable) alternative. Katy Optiks offers a wide variety of soft, hard, silicone, and gas permeable contact lenses to choose from. In addition to comfort and convenience, your contact lenses are simple to care for.


  • It will provide a wider view range. If you’ve ever been frustrated because of your eyeglass frame’s obstruction of your view, contact lenses are the perfect alternative.  Your contact lenses will provide a greater range of motion not always found in eyeglasses.

Contact Lenses That Feel LIke They Were Made For You!

Katy Optiks sells a wide variety of contact lenses options, brands and colors.  Contact us today to meet with our board certified optician at our Katy location, who can help you choose the right contact lenses for your lifestyle.