How to Find the Perfect Glasses For Your Face

Finding the perfect glasses for your face shape can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re on the hunt for performance eyewear, sporty eyewear or designer eyeglasses, look no further than this how-to guide (and save yourself the aggravation of doing it alone!).

The Perfect Glasses For Your Face is All About Your Face Shape

Finding the right pair of eyewear boils down to your face shape, and at Katy Optiks, it’s never been easier to find a functional, and gorgeous pair of glasses that’s perfect for you! We’ve categorized each face shape with several options, so pick and choose away!

For a Round Face Shape, Katy Optiks Has You Covered

The right pair of eyeglasses can make a round face appear longer, and thinner. Avoid deep frames and instead choose narrow and longer frames which will frame your face, such as rectangular shaped frames.

For an Oval Face Shape, Katy Optiks Has Your Perfect Pair

If you have an oval face shape, you may find that many types of designer eyeglasses Katy work well, thanks to your even proportions! Look for frames that aren’t too narrow (or deep), and are wider than the broadest part of your face.

For an Oblong Face Shape, Complement Your Personality with Bold Frames

If you have a long and straight chin line, and your face is longer (rather than wider), you’ve got an oblong face. Search for a low bridge and deep frames to shorten the length of your face. Then have fun experimenting with bold or decorative frames to complement your personality!

For a Diamond Face Shape, Try the Cat-Eye Look!

If you have dramatic, high cheekbones and a narrow jawline and eyeline, search for designer eyeglasses or performance eyewear that contains rimless frames. Cat-eye and oval shaped frames also look exquisite with the diamond face shape as well!

For the Square Face Shape, Try Narrow Frames to Soften Your Angles

If you have a square face shape, search for designer eyeglasses or performance eyeglasses that lengthen your face. Narrow frames or frames with more depth can lengthen your face shape as well as soften your angles.

No matter what your face shape may be, consider Katy Optiks your expert Katy optician! Whether you need contacts, performance eyewear, or a new pair of designer eyeglasses, their knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and make sure you walk out with the perfect pair!