Eyewear Trends To Follow This Spring

Now that winter has finally ended, we can start expanding our wardrobe’s color palette, including our eyeglasses. If you’re sick of muted colors and the color black, then this Spring’s eyewear trends are bold in the way they present details, and diverse in their range of colors and styles. Subtlety and originality carries the charm that comes with these fresh new trends!


Colors That Will Freshen Up Your Eyeglasses

You should usher in spring by updating your frames from a traditional color to a soft pastel. Increasingly more eyewear designers have included softer pastels into their collections, highlighted by one or two frosted pastel acetate frames. However, any kind of pastel frame can liberate your style from the timeworn black or tortoiseshell.  

If frosted pastels are too avant-garde, blue hues are an excellent alternative, particularly those that gradually change to a lighter or different color.  The gradation of blue can transform your aesthetic by imperceptibly connecting different tones together.

Natural hues are undeniably calming colors. If you’re looking for a clean minimalist aesthetic, try a light gray or pale blue, and even light and hazy taupe or beige.

Moving away from traditional colors, such as black or tortoiseshell, can really upgrade your spring aesthetic by expanding the possible color combinations that you can mix and match into designer frames.

Trend Setting Styles for Men and Women

There’s always a definitive look that we try to encapsulate in our fashion. Not only do trendy styles usually look great, they also heighten and expand our unique fashion sense.

Round Lens Aviators For Men

Men should get ready for the future of aviators. Round lens aviators are the perfect combination of retro and futuristic style, which should bode well for fashion forward visionaries. They exploded at New York Fashion Week and with such momentum will become a coveted addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Cat-Eye Frames for Women

Audrey Hepburn made these frames famous. Since Hepburn’s illustrious career, the cat-eye style eyeglasses have exploded over the years! Though we have seen them as sunglasses often, today the cat-eye is a staple for ophthalmic frames as well. Usher in Spring with an attractive new look that will  definitely be “Eye-Cat”ching!

Overall, Spring is a beautiful time of the year, and represents the revival of the earth after winter. So, should you revive your style by updating your Spring eyewear fashion in order to suit the season!