5 Things to Look for in Your First Pair of Glasses

Shopping for your first pair of eyeglasses is a fun and memorable experience. The glasses of today are stylish and flattering, even being adopted by some brands as unprescribed fashion accessories. In the search for your perfect first pair of eyeglasses, however, it’s important to consider personal factors in order to find the perfect make for you and your lifestyle.

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How to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Sunglasses may be a more prevalent hot topic around the summertime, but they are actually intended to be worn all year-long. Even during the coldest of winter months, with thick clouds above and all, sunglasses are just as useful as they are when the sun is blazing in the clear blue summer sky.

The most obvious thing sunglasses shield you from is the light, but what you don’t see is that within that light there is something called UV rays. UV rays abound whenever and wherever sunlight is around. Whether the sun is covered by thick clouds or not, when our eyes undergo too much exposure to UV rays, this could result in various eye-related issues.

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The Benefits of Contact Lenses

Are you tired of losing your eyeglasses, and then forced to go all day without seeing properly? Contact lenses may be the perfect solution! Whether you’ve just bought your first pair of contact lenses, or you’re simply curious about whether contacts may be the right choice for you, read on. You’ll learn four big benefits to wearing contact lenses, and the easiest way to change your ‘vision game’ for good.

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