Designer Eyeglasses, Katy

Eyeglass frames are not just for correcting vision, they are also a statement of fashion, which is why brand names are driving the industry. Designer labels lend the cachet of popularity, élan and fine quality.

At Katy Optiks we offer fashion eyewear that defines an individual's personal style, whether you favor a plastic frame in classic tortoise shell, a metal frame in funky magenta, or 21st century titanium. We feature collections of only the finest and most original eyewear that are innovative, attractive, superbly crafted, and durable.

Because providing fashionable eyeglasses lies at the core of our vision, we are committed to providing high end designer frames that can be personalized to fit your personality. From iconic Silhouette to Oliver Peoples, our selection of designer eyewear stands as one of the most sophisticated within Katy.

Metal Designer Frames

Our collection ranges from sturdy to lightweight frames. Our metal frames are distinct, sophisticated, and very durable. In many ways, metal frames represent the ingenuity of the 21st century.

Acetate Eyeglass Frames

Our acetate eyeglasses are made from lightweight materials that reflect chic fashion and youthful elegance.The versatility of zyl translates into a rainbow of color choices, mosaics and patterns.

Kids Glasses

If kids like their eyewear, they'll wear them. So we asked kids what they want. And, we got it for them.

Kids want fashion and flair. Rectangles and ovals, hexagons and octagons, metals and plastics. Kids love color too. Fun colors, bright colors on everything—frames, cases and cords.

But we also offer what moms and dads want. Our frame materials are durable and lightweight. Our lenses are safe and impact-resistant. And, as part of our package of quality for value, we include one year warranties.

Learn more about our selection of kids and tweens eyeglasses.